I love life! I have experienced so much in my life and have grown through each and every experience, continuing along that path every day.
Giving back has been in my DNA forever, but in the past 30 years it has
manifested itself in three distinct ways:

Missions…NYC and Brazil annually as well as providing pro bono legal services

Health…certified nutrition coach now for 20+ years

Mindset Mastery… self-development coach as negative programming is the what holds back most from living life to its fullest

My background: I grew up in a poor family of 6, being the youngest of 4 children. I worked diligently “to never do anything that would limit my possibilities in life.” That resulted in my graduating Order of the Coif from UW Madison Law School, getting a Masters in Tax at NYU, practicing at Foley and Lardner, the best law firm in Wisconsin, until the top publicly traded corporation in Wisconsin hired me away to be Vice President and General Counsel at 28 years old!

A few years later I left the ethically challenging environment of corporate America to buy my own business in Texas. I have now owned numerous companies (and continue to own three), and established my own foundation in 2005 called Changing Environments, through which I coach and train individuals and families on many different issues, providing methods for them to break through and resolve conflict in a way they never understood existed. Personal relationships are the core of our existence, and I focus on eliminating the causes of brokenness.

When you help others experience breakthroughs to set themselves on a trajectory of greatness, there is an incredible sense of joy one feels, as if we have “set a bird free.” Today, my commitment is based on my core values of contribution, trust, and commitment. I embrace my heart-felt desire to empower hundreds of people to lead fulfilled lives based on their own individual desires, definitions of success and choices in making a difference. I am hopeful I can touch your life in a very real way so you too create what you were called to do, and live with that inner joy as you live out a fulfilled life.

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