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Success at Home Club


Get over the anxiety and worry that goes along with building a successful home based business. You will get the facts from a former M & A Attorney & wildly successful leader in the home based business industry!

  • Weekly Inspirational Texts
  • Over 50 Hours of Super Content
  • Weekly Access to Power Sessions
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Kryptonite Breakthrough Program




This 8-week program highlights critical barriers stopping you from living your fulfilled life. Merri-jo supports every student:  
  • to understand the Human Mind: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious
  • to uncover things holding you back that you don’t know you don’t know
  • improve your relationship with money, people, and most importantly YOU
  • to leave your past behind and live every day with a sense of urgency
  • and so much more including becoming a Masterful Listening!

Isn’t it time to truly break through and live that fulfilled life
you know is meant for you?

Weekly: 1-hour recorded training, homework assignments followed by 1-hour live group coaching sessions. Includes 1 FREE month of Empowerment Club.


Live Your Empowered Life


This advanced course takes all participants to another level in becoming a “hero-warrior” in their lives…truly living a life of Courage,  Honor, Boldness, Commitment, Compassion”

  • Overcome your past “programs” and “limiting beliefs”
  • Explore and adopt the “Language of Action”
  • Understanding the Art of Leadership
  • Operating from Choice and Commitment versus Chance and Circumstance
  • Learning how to Fulfill all of your Commitments

This is an 8-week course with weekly 2 hour sessions including small group work, journaling, homework, weekly action steps and participation in a private Facebook Group.  All Graduates receive an Advanced Leadership Certificate.

Mastery of Courage and Discipline


This course will provide daily support for “Living Your Life on Purpose” every day.  The focus is on courage, discipline, and behaviors that serve you.  Do you want more energy, more certainty more fulfillment and to make a bigger difference in your life?

This Program is like nothing you have done before.

You will be trained to live your life in such a way that success becomes a habit.  We will work on Daily Actions and those actions will become habits providing you a way of life such that you’ll experience more abundance, connections, and become proficient in influencing others to experience their greatness. After 8 weeks of this class, you will have heightened awareness to overcome behaviors and distractions in your life that hold you back. 

You will focus on overcoming them and establish the habits to truly support your freedom to create the results you CHOOSE.

Personal Coaching Programs

Personal Health Coaching

With Certified Nutrition Coach for 20+Years


  • 90 days (includes you plus up to 2 family members)
  • Free Smart Scale
  • Measurements/ monthly progress tracking
  • Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Restaurant Ordering Advice
  • Food Addiction counseling
  • Supplement suggestions

About your Coach: Merri-jo Hillaker has for over 20 years received the maximum health score on corporate group health insurance plan… She’s “The Real Deal”