Kryptonite Breakthrough Program

This 8-week breakthrough program highlights critical barriers stopping you from living your fulfilled life. Merri-jo supports you to Uncover, Discover and Recover from mostly unknown beliefs/programs running your life that do not support you.  Here is a brief overview:

  • understand the Human Mind: Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious
  • uncover meanings you have given to facts in your life that impact your behavior yet have no relationship to truth
  • improve your relationship to money, with people, and most importantly, with YOU
  • stop going victim to so many things/people/actions, and choose an empowering mindset to be able to respond to any event in life
  • leave your past behind and live every day with a sense of urgency
  • learn what Your core values are and why they are “the wind behind your sails”
  • stop giving power to others – their words and actions – and step into “able to respond”
  • and so much more!

Isn’t it time to break through and live that fulfilled life you know you were meant to live?  Let’s stop procrastination about our future…time is precious!

Weekly 1-hour training, homework assignments followed up with one-hour group coaching sessions.  Limited to no more than 18 students per class.  Need more help? Private coaching woth Merri-jo is included.

Includes 1 FREE month of The Empowerment Club as well and opportunities to advance further in higher level programs.


Hear from graduates:

I just have to say AGAIN, wow!  Truly, I viscerally sense things coming together … in my spirit, my body, my thoughts, my choices, everything.  And as world-changing as these changes are, they feel subtle, natural.  These natural strong, capable parts of me are simply surfacing from within.  Each lesson builds on the other, and the benefits continue to blend and interweave as they accumulate. I sincerely appreciate your emphasis on “playing full-out” … going deep. Journaling.  Doing the homework.  We truly get out what we put in.I feel growth coming from within me: The changes feel real — not temporary or bounded by the time frame of this course, nor dependent on contact with you. Which is probably your ideal wish!   So thank you, thank you! I am so deeply appreciative!

Dr. Elizabeth Onufrak Ph.D

“I felt stuck for over 15 years and unable to pursue a fulfilling life… Merri-Jo’s authentic presentation style is so effective! Instead of being lectured to, I’m in an 8-week partnership to help uncover and reshape my thoughts and opinions that keep me from being the best version of myself.”

Tracey Robinson 


“The only issue with the course is it came to an end!  I want Merri-jo’s wisdom in my life forever!  She will “rock your world.”  Hard to believe how “unknowing” I have been.  Now I feel rocks have been removed from my path!“       

Cynthia Hillson 

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